Tianyuan Construction founded in 2007 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rongan Property. It is a construction enterprise with rich construction experience and a high management level, has level I qualification of residential construction EPC and has the contracting qualification in many specialized fields, such as building decoration and fitment, municipal utilities, water conservancy and hydropower, fire facilities, etc.

At present, the company has30 in-progress projects which are mainly distributed in Yinzhou District, Yuyao City, Cixi City and Xiangshan County of Ningbo City, Yuhang District of Hangzhou City, Jiaxing City, Wenzhou City and Chongqing, covering a total building area of about three million square meters. As the company develops continuously, it has become a construction enterprise which has a certain scale and influences in the industry.

As a subsidiary of Rongan Property, Tianyuan Construction strictly controls the quality of building materials, construction process and construction procedure of projects fundamentally, cultivates skilled and stable construction workers and erects their awareness of high-quality products to guarantee that every project completed by the company is high-quality and promote healthy development of the residence industry.

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